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Garment label industry: Garment, zipper, button, fabric, special-shaped cloth label, applique embroidery cutting, etc. (fast cutting speed, laser automatic sewing, and cut complex label in any shape).
Packaging & printing industry: Paper products, die-cutting plates, cartons, woven sacks, rubber plats for printing, etc. (fine cut and low cost). 
Advertising industry: Cut acrylic materials, advertising LOGO inlay, precision machining, engraving duotone breast plates, enterprise licensing agent, licensing authority, medals, special business cards, enterprise promotion products, etc.  
Metal engraving & cutting industry: Glasses, clocks, watches, sanitary wares, stainless-steel products marking, various sheet metals cutting, etc.  
Hardware tool processing: Applicable to the surface marking of various hardware tools, hardware watchcases, plastic, computer accessories, etc. 
Leather & leather goods industry: Engraving, punching and cutting of leather shoes, sandals, leisure shoes, sports shoes, handbags, leather bags, leather belts, buckles, etc. (Good processing effect and high accuracy, without die sinking). 
Computers &communication industry: Keyboards, electronic components, panels for household appliances, computer panels, diaphanous keys, various plastic shells, etc. (environment-friendly, fine character, without friction). 
Electrical & electronic industry: Panels of DVD, VCD, power amplifiers, handsets, computers, air conditioners, etc. (fast development speed, bright edge effect, without mold or polishing). 
Furniture manufacturing: Wood cutting, engraving and marking. 
Craft accessories industry: Organic glass crafts, hair ornaments, crystal words, acrylic and wooden picture frames, etc. (fast sample making, and bright edge effect). 
Food industry: Egg surface marking, cheese products, sausages, shells, hairy crabs, etc. 
Others: Cutting and engraving of metal and non-metal materials such as hand tags, brands, double-color boards, glass, marble, PVC, PC, ABS, etc. 
And chip making, various kinds of personalized craft gifts, medical apparatus and instruments, water treatment, etc.
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