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Auto-nesting for genuine leather, automatically identifying defects

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Laser perforating on shoe uppers laser cutout of lady shoes. hollowed out of leather materials.

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All kinds of designs marking end engraving for insole, upper and labels, etc

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Cutting of woven shoe uppers, smart identifying and cutting off printed and woven shoe uppers. waste-saving cutting of leather materials. auto feeding and cutting of all soft shell fabrics. cutting insole.


The smart footwear laser solutions are specially designed for the shoes manufacturing industry. With the product development as the starting point, Customer order implementing smart management system for business basis, Implement material procurement, production, Inventory, Management of the entire process of , Providing a perfect, Efficient and flexible solution for the traditional enterprise. Closely following the 2575 plan & 2020 plan in shoes industry

Quality Issues

Unstable quality, high defective rate, lacking solution to improve the quality.

Efficiency problem

The traditional enterprises prodcution efficiency is low, mainly rely on large number of manpower to complete orders.

Cost problem

high costs in many cases, too much waste and lack of solutions to reduce cost.

Labor problem

Corporates rely on experienced staff, technical standards inconsistence

What is the intelligent laser application
system for the enterprise

Help enterprises to improve product quality

Help corporate to dependence on number and quality labors

Unify technical standards, reduce material waste, save cost by 20%

Improve the production efficiency, smart cutting, without the need for mold